The method of losing belly fat after giving birth

posted on 29 May 2013 14:39 by leidalidai

giving birth, they will have thick belly fat, It makes them feel very confused, Here i will teach you to eat fruit to reduce the belly fat. Come and try it

 Lemon abdominal weight loss.

Sour lemon is citric acid-based, Citric acid is the process of promoting energy metabolism in substance shall, But also play the role of fatigue. The vitamin C contained in lemon is also well known, Many women will usually fetch it whiten skin,

But it is best to promote bowel motility, So make belly fat activities, reaching abdominal weight loss results.

 Tomato abdominal weight loss.

The tomatoes are generally positioned vegetables, But it seems more of a female friend treat her as a kind of fruit to eat. Tomatoes contain lycopene, lida daidaihua pills Dietary fiber and pectin components can reduce calorie intake, Promoting gastrointestinal motility. Unique sour can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, Even enhance the taste of food, So you can eliminate the fat on the abdomen.

 Grapefruit abdominal weight loss.

Grapefruit juice can help increases acid, to promote digestion and help absorb nutrition. Also why the grapefruit diet will also be listed on the necessary food when reducing weight? Because it is rich in vitamin C, Approximately 100 mg of a grapefruit, Not only can eliminate fatigue, but also beautify the skin ! What is important is that it's less sugary, Diet food to supplement vitamin C is the best, Both contribute to weight loss and supplying nutrition.


Pineapple abdominal weight loss.

Have you ever heard people say that pineapple is "profit", Be sure to eat a meal will not hurt the stomach. But this argument has credentials! Because pineapple enzyme protein rather strong, Although you can help the meat protein digestion, But if you eat before a meal, then, It is likely to cause gastric injury ! Therefore, the use of eating pineapple to slim must pay attention to a matter of time.

 Banana belly lose weight.

Those who have constipation will be proposed to eat a bananas to have a try! Because bananas are rich in dietary fiber, vitamin a, potassium, etc., So have a great intestines, strengthen muscles, it features soft diuretic. For a constant constipation, dry skin crush concerned, This is the section thin and beautiful fruit! In addition to the main component carbohydrate bananas, Immediately after eating can digest quickly to add strength. And Banana will make you have great satiety, as long as you can eat a belly wrap, but rather low calorie calories, But do not because of its sweetness and think his detriment to lose weight.