Winter sports weight loss program

posted on 23 May 2013 18:38 by leidalidai

Exercise to lose weight is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, But many people are very difficult to stick to it, Or during exercise to lose weight feel particularly tired. If you do a good job preparatory exercise to lose weight, and the focus attention during exercise, it will help you achieve weight loss goal easily and efficiently, hurry to see it.


Preparatory exercise to lose weight

(1).office workers are often busy on the grounds, if you can not carry out exercise habits. You can put some comfortable clothing and a pair of jogging shoes in the work environment to do sports, walk the stairs in his spare time as possible, allowing the body to maintain active status.


(2)and you must be adjusted before exercise, it is a good mode of behavior. For example, to maintain adequate sleep, It will not break in the middle of work or have no interest in movement.


(3)Now sculpting is usually the first emphasis on health care, Again will combine movement. Therefore, adjusting the dietary content, try to eat a high carbohydrate snacks, which can help control blood stiffness, Let blood sugar not soar suddenly,  resulting in sleepy situation. It is best to eat low GI foods, Such as cucumber, celery and other root vegetables, and fruits and vegetables, Eat smaller meals and practice habits.


(4). Usually drink more water during the day,l lida pills

The number of daily drinking plateau was "do not feel thirsty mouths." Not recommended cattle drink, gargle every drink of water to do the action and then swallow, it will not cause stomach burden. And drink plenty of water can also walk to the toilet frequently !


(5) correct body posture, helping to increase activity levels !

Usually sit, try sitting in a chair three quarters of the location, so that automatically makes the force upright abdomen, waist and hips have the effect of tightening.


(6) The correct way to walk also increase calorie consumption.

You can try to lift the chin and put back after shoulder perimeter; Then straighten the upper body naturally move to walk. Remember the hand to swing with the pace ! Because not many girls hand swing habits, then cause butterfly sleeves upper body.


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