Weight loss tips in life everywhere

posted on 16 May 2013 21:15 by leidalidai
Lida Daidaihua 1.bending to lose weight Do not stop playing the pen with their own hands, It around the thumb turn. I believe that the majority of girls know it, The pen will fall to the ground as much as possible. So you will constantly bent to pick the pen, it is a good chance to train your waist and abdomen. so you have to over and over again, stood up, walked to pick up, sometimes you have to drill under the table, This way, your body activities, several times,
it will help you lose weight. 2.drink plenty of water to lose weight There are experts say that a normal day should drink 8 glasses of water? Okay, no problem, you could openly and from 8 seat and pantry. Of course, you can also help the colleagues to pouring the tea, not incidentally, but make a special trip to exercise your legs and feet. This shake back and forth every day of the last ten or twenty times, you do not have to worry about sedentary make the waist of flesh thing. In fact, drink plenty of water to gain weight is caused by swelling,
Reduce salt intake, edema will gradually retire. Conversely, if you know how to use water to lose weight, you will lose weight successfully soon. 3, go to toilets to lose weight This is the same as the trick above, and that is the more water you drink , you will go to the toilet for more times. Some experts said: When it intended, do not be simmering, which will have to uremia or cause constipation. So serious, where dare to neglect it. So do not worry, leadership is not an objection. The good news, said: "tea diuretic detoxification, also ranked fat." It is recommended that people who are overweight should drink more. 4.walking to lose weight If your home has a private car, Lidapills do not drive, take bus since tomorrow. If you do not have a long distance between your company and your house, walk to your company. 5.less finger If you feel your own fingers too full, You can try this: If you are a laid-back white-collar workers, Every day, soak in an online chat friends. Your fingers need to move with no stop, Some time down, it will help you slender the fingers.